Lawn mowers have a tendency to break down during early spring and summer – right when they are needed most. It is also a time when most small engine businesses are the busiest, with long wait-times for repairs.

The public libraries in Southern Maryland now offer a solution to those needing help fixing their lawn mowers, weed eaters, boat motors, motorcycles, generators and more. The resolution for many small engine problems could be a free online site that offers step-by-step instructions and tutorials for fixing small engines.

“The Small Engine Repair Reference Center offers assistance in providing routine maintenance (like tune-ups and brake service), as well as extensive repairs (like engine and transmission disassembly),” said Jennifer Falkowski, Information Services Manager for the Southern Maryland Regional Library Association.

“This is a free, user-friendly online service that anyone in Southern Maryland can use,” said Falkowski.

The Small Engine Repair Reference Center contains more than 500 full-text reference books with original photos and illustrations, information on more than 25 years of engine models, coverage of more than 90,000 repairs and a full collection of Clymer repair manuals with new and updated content.

“We have a large collection of online resources, most of which are paid for by the regional library,” Falkowski said.  “This new service is actually part of a collection of services provided by Sailor, a service of Maryland’s public libraries and the Maryland State Library Resource Center.  We are very grateful for their support in providing our libraries across the state with free, convenient and reliable sources of information.”

The Small Engine Repair Reference Center and the entire collection of COSMOS online resources can be found at or by link from any of the three county library systems:  Calvert Library (; Charles County Public Library (; and St. Mary’s County Library (


For more information about the collection of online resources, talk to a librarian at your local library.