About Southern Maryland Regional Library Association, Inc.

Who We Are

Southern Maryland Regional Library Association, Inc. is a regional resource center for the public libraries in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary’s counties.  It was formed in 1959 to provide additional services to the citizens of rural Maryland through their local county libraries.  It is part of a state-wide resource network of three regional centers, working in collaboration with the State Library Resource Center, to provide efficient, economical and coordinated library services county libraries cannot adequately provide themselves.

The regional library is governed by a board of trustees composed of three members from each of the three county library boards.  The board and its officers are elected annually to serve a one-year term.

Although the primary source of support is state funds administered by the Division of Library Development and Services within the Maryland State Department of Education, the regional library also receives special federal grants.

As part of the State Library Network, the regional library is charged with the following responsibilities:

Making interlibrary loans of books and materials

  • Supplying collections and exhibits of specialized materials
  • Providing consultant services
  • Organizing in-service training for library staffs
  • Developing and operating cooperative services among libraries


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