Note: Some online services offered by the library are serviced by third-party vendors. These vendors have their own privacy policies and terms of service and they are not beholden to the library’s privacy policies or terms of service.

The library works with third-party vendors to provide online learning, digital collections, streaming media content, analytics, and more. These third-party vendors are listed on our website. When you leave the library website, your interaction with these systems will be governed by their individual privacy policies. Some of these vendors may collect and share information you provide to them or require you to create a personal account in order to use their services. Check the vendor’s privacy statement and terms of service to learn more about how your data is tracked, stored, and used by them. Links to third party vendor privacy policies and terms of statements are below:


Resource Terms of Use Privacy Policy
African-American History Online (Infobase FactsOnFile)
American Fact Finder (United States Census Bureau) No policy is available Data Protection and Privacy Program (
Ancestry Library Edition (ProQuest) Terms and Conditions – ( Ancestry Privacy Center (
Career Help (BrainFuse) Terms of Use ( Privacy (
Charles County Public Law Library No policy is available No policy is available
Consumer Reports No policy is available Privacy Policy
Creative Bug Terms Of Use Privacy Policy
Digital Collections (Library of Congress) No policy is available Legal | Library of Congress ( (Elegant E-Learning) Privacy Policy and Terms Of Use ( Privacy Policy and Terms Of Use (
Foundation Center databases No policy is available Privacy policy | Candid
Gale Resources Terms of Use – Cengage Corporate Privacy Overview – Cengage Corporate
HelpNow! (Brainfuse) Terms of Use ( Privacy (
Heritage Quest Online (ProQuest) Terms and Conditions of Unauthenticated Use ( Ancestry Privacy Statement (
Hoopla Terms & Conditions – hoopla ( Privacy Policy – hoopla (
LinkedIn Learning with content User Agreement | LinkedIn Privacy Information for LinkedIn Learning Learners | Learning Help
Mango Languages Terms and Conditions | Mango Languages Privacy Policy | Mango Languages
Maryland’s Digital eLibrary Consortium (Overdrive) Terms and Conditions ( Privacy Policy (
MedlinePlus (National Library of Medicine) No policy available NLM Web Polices (
Mobile App for Calvert Library No policy available Privacy and Cookie Policy – Communico
Mobile App for Charles County Public Library No policy available Privacy and Cookie Policy – Communico
Mobile App for the St. Mary’s County Library No policy available Privacy and Cookie Policy – Communico
NewspaperArchive (ProQuest) NewspaperArchive | Search Old Newspaper Articles Online – Terms And Conditions Access Newspaper Archive Institutional Version | Privacy Policy
NextReads/Novelist (EBSCO) EBSCO License Agreement | EBSCO Privacy Policy | EBSCO
Occupational Outlook Handbook (US Department of Labor) No policy available Protecting Online Privacy : U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (
TumbleBook Library TumbleBooks – eBooks for eKids! ( TumbleBooks – eBooks for eKids! (
Value Line Library Elite Terms & Conditions ( Privacy Policy (
Washington Post Terms of Service Privacy Policy


Vendor Privacy Policy
Google Analytics (Opt-Out) Google Privacy Policy
iii – Integrated Library System Services Privacy Policy
Library Elf Library Elf Privacy Policy
OrangeBoy Privacy Policy (PDF)
Unique Management Unique Managment Privacy Policy


Vendors with no public policy are noted—please exercise caution when visiting these vendors or providing personal information to them. Inquire with the vendors directly if you have any specific questions about their data collection and management policies.